Victor Harbor Croquet Club

Play croquet to the sound of the sea


  • We provide the equipment and coaches for both Association and Golf Croquet

  • All you need is a pair of flat soled shoes (joggers/walkers)

  • We offer upto two free lessons each approximately one hour's duration

  • If you wish to continue you pay $20.00 up front fees for the next four lessons

  • During these lessons, if you decide to go on, the coach will invite you to join the club and give you a Club Information Folder. The $20.00 up front fee paid earlier will be deducted from your first year's membership fee.

  • Once you become a club member, have a reasonable understanding of the game and feel confident enough, the coach will arrange for you to join in and play on club days.

  • Club members may play either code or both.

  • Club members are provided with a key so that they may come and practice when the lawns are free.

First Colours

Second Colours

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