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Victor Harbor Croquet Club

Play croquet to the sound of the sea


  1. To maintain and conduct a croquet club for the use of members.

  2. To promote a general interest in the game of croquet.

  3. To promote good fellowship, recreation and social activities within the club.

  4. To promote, organise and manage Club Tournaments, Championships, other Club events and matches.

  5. To do all things which the Club or committee may think necessary or desirable for promoting the activities of the Club and the recreation of its members.

  6. To conduct games in accordance with the Guidelines of S.A.C.A.

  7. To promote participation in the game of croquet in the formats of Association and Golf Croquet, not withstanding that other formats of the game may be played at the discretion of the Committee.

  8. To encourage and recruit new members to a maximum number as determined by the committee.

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